Snowmobiling Background

There are more than four million snowmobilers in the United States and Canada.

Surveys show that over 94.5% of snowmobilers consider it a family sport. The overwhelming majority of snowmobile owners are married and have children.

Snowmobiling appeals to people of all ages – from youngsters to senior citizens. Studies reveal that snowmobilers generally ride close to home. On day trips, snowmobilers typically travel 30 to 75 miles to favorite riding areas or on favorite trails. There is a growing interest in touring – spending several nights traveling, shopping, dining and sleeping along the way. However, for overnight trips, distances traveled normally range between 100 and 150 miles per day.

Although primarily a recreational activity, snowmobiling also provides many other useful functions. In remote portions of Canada and the U.S., snowmobiles are some citizens’ primary source of transportation. Snowmobiles are relied upon by law enforcement units throughout the snowbelt for search and rescue work and emergency missions. They are also used by surveyors, ranchers, public utility employees, environmental and wildlife scientists and countless others. Ski-touring centers across North America utilize snowmobiles for all trail grooming and track setting. Snowmobiles are also widely used by cross country ski race officials, dog sled races, and by ski patrols for rescue purposes.
The Future of Snowmobiling

The sport of snowmobiling will continue to offer a unique form of recreation to mankind. A recent study conducted by the Recreation Roundtable showed that people who recreate outdoors are happier, healthier and more productive. They are better citizens and neighbors. As our future holds new demands on our time, the recreation that snowmobiling affords will increase in importance.

The future will see snowmobile itself continue to improve in dependability, reliability and quality for all consumers. Manufacturers, using the latest in technology and science, are working and investing in order that all aspects of the machine are updated to serve the needs of a growing populace.
The Snowmobilers Pledge

  • I will never drink and drive a snowmobile.
  • I will drive within the limits of my machine and my own abilities.
  • I will obey the rules and laws of the state or province I am visiting.
  • I will be careful when crossing roads, and always cross at a right angle to traffic.
  • I will keep my machine in top shape and follow a pre-op check before each ride.
  • I will wear appropriate clothing, including gloves, boots and a helmet with a visor.
  • I will let my family or friends know my planned route, my destination and my expected arrival time.
  • I will treat the outdoors with respect. I will not litter or damage trees and other vegetation.
  • I will respect other peoples’ property and rights, and lend a hand when I see someone in need.
  • I will not snowmobile where prohibited.