Playing Sports Can Keep You Feeling Younger

Most people know about the health benefits of exercise, but exercise can sound like a dirty word. What about playing sports? That sounds like a lot more fun, and you’ll get the same benefits, for the most part. Of course, how much activity you’ll really get depends on the sport you’re playing, but most sports have at least a moderate level of activity. If you’ve been a couch potato and you want to change your ways, playing a sport that you really enjoy is a great way to do that. You’ll get exercise without feeling trapped at the gym, and your body will get healthier without you feeling like you’re doing much about it.

If you play a sport, you can’t be guaranteed a longer life. However, most people who stay physically active are healthier and live longer (and better) than people who don’t get much exercise. Some of that is because people who don’t exercise are often overweight, but even thin couch potatoes put themselves at risk of health problems as they get older. Playing a sport can be one of the best ways to avoid just sitting around during your downtime. If you play on a team, you’ll have a regular schedule of games and practices to follow, during which time you’ll be getting a lot of exercise.

Your body will get used to that level of exercise, and you’ll feel younger and like you have more energy. That’s a great feeling, too, because it can help avoid depression, anxiety, and other problems that can come from sitting around with too much time on your hands. Don’t assume that you’re too old, too heavy, or too anything else to play a sport. As long as your doctor says that it’s okay, you should go out there and experience life.