About Us

Who is ACSA?

The American Council of Snowmobile Associations (ACSA) is a national organization that was formed to unite the snowmobile community. Because snowmobiling is enjoyed by millions of individuals across the United States, it was imperative that a strong national organization be formed. ACSA is that organization.

ACSA is your voice for snowmobiling on national issues. Many snowmobilers are mistaken when they think national issues have no impact on their snowmobiling. Across the United States there are thousands and thousands of miles of snowmobile trails on public and private lands. Will these lands remain open for snowmobiling in the future? Long term use of the lands is no longer certain. With he failing economy and businesses grasping at straws in order to keep things moving public landmass is up for grabs in order to expand or create more jobs. And other businesses who can afford to be greedy, like casino owners, are taking advantage of low real estate prices. Only the unified voice of the entire snowmobile community will help to guarantee the continuation of our sport.

ACSA is committed to the future preservation of our sport. We cannot do this without the help and participation of all snowmobilers. Assure the future of snowmobiling, become involved in ACSA today!